Program Detail
Professional Diploma in Advanced Vestibular Science

​The aim of this advanced course is intended to impart the advances in the field of vestibular evaluation, diagnostics and rehabilitation for the practicing audiologist and ENT physicians. The course will also allow the students to acquaint them-selves with the latest diagnostics vestibular methods to accurately identify and treat the vestibular disorders.

Course Goals:
The goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of:
  1. How humans maintain balance
  2. The contributions of the inner ear to balance
  3. Disorders of balance
  4. Detailed Assessment of all balance related disorders
  5. Approaches in differential diagnosis of balance disorders
​What is unique about this Workshop
This course provides face to face using classroom teaching method with Clinical Attachment at the Advanced Hearing and Balance Centre in Dubai.

Courses Outline
Module 1: Anatomy, Physiology and pathologies of the Vestibular System
Module 2: Clinical Vestibular evaluation& clinical case studies
Module 3: Pediatric vestibular Assessment and Vestibular rehabilitation therapy​

Target Audience
Audiologists and ENT Physicians

Course Duration
Duration: 06 months or 24 weeks

Registration Fee
AED 12,000

Seat Availability
8 Maximum
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