• Care of Critically ill Surgical Patient (CCrISP) Provider Course

  • Professional Diploma in Basic Laparoscopic Surgery (MIS) for Gynecologist

  • Professional Diploma in Advanced Vestibular Science

  • Intercollegiate basic surgical skills course royal college of surgeons

  • Intensive Abdominal Ultrasound Course

  • Advanced Ultrasound Guidance for Central Venous Access & Nerve Block Techniques in Upper & lower limb

  • Intensive Laparoscopic Knot tying and Suturing Skills Course

  • SSI Advanced Laparoscopic GI Surgery Course

Clinical Training Center CTC
Medical Imaging/Radiology Courses are offered at the Clinical Training Center and they offer state-of-the-art imaging technology with qualified and experienced faculty. It is well equipped to cater to a variety of health care professionals' radiological needs and provides vital support of almost all of the clinical specialties.
The organization and management of the Medical Imaging courses promote quality of patient care. 
​Clinical direction is provided by the course moderators who are all physicians and members of the University /hospital medical staff. The faculty, technicians and support staff work closely together to make sure that high quality courses are provided to all candidates with sensitivity and professionalism. All courses are offered during business days and/or weekends.
The Clinical Training Center is also an American Heart Association accredited center that conducts basic and advanced training courses in Emergency Medicine including resuscitation, trauma, disaster management as well as forensics (Crime Scene investigation) and medical education training courses.
Clinical Courses could be tailored to meet your requirements depending on the theories, skills or techniques that you wish to develop or practice.  Choose from our existing courses or Customize your own program.

Clinical Courses